Trump claims he won the only state Reagan lost. 'Nuh-uh,' says Minnesota.

Donald Trump seems to think he's one-upped Reagan.

Donald Trump seems to think he's one-upped Reagan. AP

There’s no rest for former president Ronald Reagan, not even in death. The conservative icon’s name was invoked 45 times during the second Republican presidential debate in 2016.

He hasn’t gotten a break since then. Current president and conservative icon (?) Donald Trump has taken to comparing himself with the Gipper as he’s been making his rounds. Don’t misunderstand: He’s not saying he’s similar to Reagan. He’s saying he’s better.

Trump made a meandering address during the NATO Summit in Brussels, right before his trip to the United Kingdom. He talked Brexit and brought the conversation back to one of his favorite topics: the 2016 election. Then he made a detour to share a bit of trivia.

“One of the states we won, Wisconsin -- I didn’t even realize this until fairly recently -- that was the one state that Ronald Reagan didn’t win when he ran the board a second time.”

Trump has been saying this a lot lately. The thing is, it’s not true.

Reagan won Wisconsin in 1984. The distinction of being the ones that got away go to Minnesota and the District of Columbia. This state hasn’t gone red since it went for Richard Nixon in 1972.

Even amidst bluster about NATO and Brexit, the internet has taken notice.

Trump and Reagan do have some surprising similarities. Their respective backgrounds in entertainment, for one. Until Trump came along, Reagan was also the oldest person elected to the presidency. And like Reagan, Trump lost Minnesota.

But next election, as he told a crowd at his rally in Duluth, Trump hopes to depart from his predecessor and win Minnesota.

“And in two and a half years, it's going to be really easy, I think.”