Trumaine Willie Ollie faces three felony charges after allegedly burning his candy-craving kid


A St. Paul father is accused of severely scalding his 5-year-old son earlier this month as punishment for the kid trying to get into the candy drawer. Trumaine Willie Ollie, 26, now faces three felonies for malicious punishment of a child.

Ollie's son was admitted to Regions Hospital on Feb. 9 with third-degree burns covering 13 percent of his body. Ollie told doctors his son had clumsily yanked a pan off the stove, causing hot water to spill on his legs.

According to his kid, not so.

Child protection services later notified St. Paul police that Willie had scalded his son for trying to access the candy drawer, says Paul Schnell, St. Paul police spokesman. Willie's son most likely told a Regions staffer what really happened, who then notified child services, Schnell says.

The 5-year-old sustained the severe burns on Feb. 2 -- a full week before his dad admitted him to Regions.

"What happened to this child is disturbing," says Schnell.

From the Pioneer Press:

One of the counts pertains to the 5-year-old, identified in the complaint by the initials J.M.O. The other two pertain to his two brothers, ages 5 and 6, who had numerous scars on their bodies that were indicative of child abuse, the complaint said.

In addition to the burns, J.M.O. also had two healing broken ribs, X-rays showed.