Truck guy attacks Black Lives Matter sign that got Mary Kay lady fired

Something about seeing this sign makes a certain kind of person (note: a racist) lose their shit.

Something about seeing this sign makes a certain kind of person (note: a racist) lose their shit. Facebook

There are two possibilities for the video you'll see below.

First, a couple weeks after Tom and Linda Bergerson took down a Black Lives Matter sign on the roadside in Grand Marais, some random guy was overcome by the same impulse, and did the same thing.

Second, the guy knew of the Bergersons' weasely little act of protest -- perhaps even knew it got Linda canned from the Mary Kay cosmetics pyramid scheme -- and did this anyway.

Either way, Andy DeLisi is pissed. DeLisi owns both the sign and Big Bear Lodge, the resort it's posted outside of, and where he's stationed a surveillance camera. Today, DeLisi shared two short clips of a man traveling as the passenger in a white pickup truck that pulled over next to the sign.

And, again: in full view of DeLisi's remote camera. 

At first, the man appears to perhaps think better of his plan, getting back in the truck, which pulls forward a few feet while another car passes by.

In the next clip, he's seen hoisting the sign, carrying it a few feet, and heaving it away from the view of motorists.

What do people like the Bergersons and Truck Guy think happens when you take down a Black Lives Matter sign? That the movement pauses? That the sign owner won't just... put it back up a bit later?

We're guessing Andy DeLisi's already done that, along with asking people to help identify who this man (we guess?) is. And this time, he wants justice, saying he's contacted the Cook County Sheriff's Office, and wants to press charges. Careful though. This dude's so fragile anything pressed against him could break him apart.

Read DeLisi's post below.