Troy Freihammer files papers to run against Michele Bachmann

Leo Pusateri, at rightie blog True North, asks a perfectly reasonable question: Why is Troy Freihammer running against congresswoman Michele Bachmann in the 6th district?

Besides the fact that, according to FEC records, the Coast Guard veteran has squat for cash in his campaign coffers, his position on the issues places him to the right of the conservative incumbent. On hisshort list:

  • End the Federal Reserve.
  • End the Federal Income Tax.
  • End government involvement in health care.
  • Favor private property over environmental laws.
  • Deregulate industry on a massive scale.
  • End all foreign aid.

Throw in a few calls for panic about socialism, and dire warnings of death panels -- not to mention the Charge of the Light Brigade -- and the Sartell resident might find some like-minded folks in the northern suburban district. It's a part of the world, after all, where most Republicans find Bachmann to be a perfectly reasonable political figure.

Pusateri's conclusion:

Since Freihammer's candidacy can only draw votes (however few those may be) from Bachmann, one is then left with one of two possibilities:

1. Freihammer is an egomaniac or 2. Freihammer is a plant.

We also note that Freihammer, scourge of government intrusion, works for Stearns County as an "environmental specialist."

The St. Cloud Times' Dave Aeikens has more on Bachmann's latest challengers here.

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