Tron Legacy reviewed by Tron Guy in Wired

Jay Maynard, the "Tron Guy" gives "Legacy" two thumbs up.

Jay Maynard, the "Tron Guy" gives "Legacy" two thumbs up.

The Tron Guy, Jay Maynard, is a husky chunk of geek with an abiding obsession for the original "Tron" movie so deep that he's willing to squeeze his frame into a glowing spandex costume - in public.

That kind of passion might ordinarily put someone like Maynard a little too close to his subject for anything approaching a dispassionate review of the movie's sequel. It might also cause a reasonable person to question his state of mind.


It certainly raised a few flags at a multiplex in Mankato. TMZ asked Maynard to get pictures of himself going to "Tron: Legacy" in his illuminated suit. He called ahead - it's a 50-mile drive from his home in Fairmont - and they told him to leave the costume home.

Wired Magazine, on the other hand, sensed a kindred spirit and took a shine to Maynard's passions. The editors there asked Maynard to review the movie, and to proudly let his freak flag fly.

So he's done just that, delivering a by-the-geek-for-the-geeks critique. He gives "Tron: Legacy" two thumbs up.


From the moment Disney's trademark Sleeping Beauty Castle rezzes up at the beginning of the film, it's obvious this is not the same old movie. The graphics take a back seat to nothing, but the light cycles and other powerful visuals look natural with actors in them.

The computer programmer's enduring "Tron" devotion comes as no surprise to us. We profiled the quirky guy in 2008. He even gave writer Ben Palosaari a ride in his AMD Zodiac Xli personal airplane - while wearing his costume.

Read the whole story here to learn how he made room in his Animaniacs life for the cult movie starring Jeff Bridges, and how he couldn't care less about being the butt of a million Internet jokes - like this one from Fark:

"Geek makes spandex TRON costume, doesn't realize wearing it endangers collective sanity of mankind (large man in spandex--you are warned)."

His devotion is total. Bring on a third "Tron," he tells Wired.

"Disney, could you throw me a bone for being in some part responsible for awakening the franchise from the dead in the minds of the public? Please? Maybe an official Tron: Legacy costume of my very own."

Read his review here. Watch him get his "Tron" on below: