Tristan Keys allegedly killed man with single punch outside Minneapolis gas station

Keys's mugshot from a previous arrest.
Keys's mugshot from a previous arrest.

Tristan Keys, 21, faces a first-degree manslaughter charge after allegedly killing 53-year-old Lamar Wilson with a single punch on April 29.

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The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Stop N Shop near West 31st Street and 1st Avenue South in south Minneapolis. According to authorities, when Wilson and Keys met there, Keys accused Wilson of being a snitch. He ending up punching Wilson a single time in the head.

Wilson fell "like a rag doll," witnesses told police. He was pronounced brain dead the next day. It's unclear whether Wilson died from the punch itself or if injuries sustained when he crashed to the ground contributed as well.

Keys's $2 million bail is unusually high, but the complaint points out that witnesses who talked to authorities "fear for their safety" if Keys is released.

According to the Star Tribune, Keys's criminal history includes convictions for theft, burglary, and disorderly conduct. If convicted of the manslaughter charge, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

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