Trisha Farkarlun's strip-search video transcript

Trisha Farkarlun, the subject of this week's feature, was strip-searched in the Hennepin County Jail last September. Farkarlun and her lawyer, Jill Clark, have filed a federal lawsuit against the County and deputies, accusing them of assault, battery, an improper search and planting narcotics. Hennepin and Ramsey County attorneys have both filed responses to Farkarlun's suit denying the allegations. Farkarlun also says she was targeted by Minneapolis police for accusing two officers of raping her in 2007.


Portions of the surveillance video from the search are featured above. The quality is a little choppy, so check out the audio transcript:

Officer: OK, we've got a female here. Jailer: OK. Officer: I'm positive she has drugs. Jailer: What's the issue? Officer: She's hiding dope in her undergarments. Jailer: She has no pockets in her dress I take it? [Laughing] Officer: It might just be right there. It might have fallen down her leg by now. Officer: She's been playing a lot of games. Jailer: Mmm-hmm. The use. Jailer: Damn women tonight. Jailer: I know, they're terrible tonight. Officer: She's gonna be like don't search me. Give me my lawyer. Jailer: Who is it? A newbie, or like, one of the usual? Officer: I don't know her, but she says she already has a lawsuit open, or something like that. Officer: Any tips you want to give? I don't know how to do a strip-search really, so. I've done one. Jailer: I've probably done two. Officer: You were probably trained on it. Jailer: You guys don't even train on it? Officer: No we don't get trained on it, so I have no idea. Jailer: We'll get her down to one layer of clothing and see what happens. Officer: Yeah she has long johns, a t-shirt, another shirt on, and her pants are already half down. Jailer: She may wear boxers. Get her down to her boxers. Jailer: Come on in young lady. Do you have anything sharp on you? Farkarlun: No. Jailer: Open your mouth. Farkarlun: I ain't doing nothin' until I speak to my lawyer. Jailer: You're going to get searched. Farkarlun: OK, what does that mean? Jailer: You need to face the wall. Farkarlun: Are you going to beat me up? Is it on camera? Jailer: No, you're going to get searched like everybody else. Farkarlun: I want to speak to my lawyer. Jailer: Face the wall! Farkarlun: Am I under arrest? Am I under arrest? Jailer: Yes, you are. Farkarlun: For what? Jailer: I don't know. That's not our concern. Farkarlun: What am I under arrest for? What am I under arrest for? Jailer: This is one of those that's going to the ground. To the ground. Ma'am, sit down on the ground. Go on the ground. Down. Go! Farkarlun: OK, I'm going down. Jailer: Now, are you going to cooperate or not on this? Farkarlun: Yeah.

[City Pages was allowed to view the search conducted on the video, but not put that portion of the footage online, because it exposes part of her butt. Once in boxers and an undershirt, the jailers frisked her. Then two female jailers and a female police officer take her in another room to finish the search.]

Jailer: That floor makes them cooperate pretty fast... If they're a little bit hard, a little squirmy to put against the wall, we put them to the floor. Jailer: Usually once you push them on the wall- Jailer: There's not much after that. [Unintelligible chatter] Jailer: Thank you. Jailer: Did you find anything? Jailer: No... That's all we found. Jailer: A mint? [Laughs] Jailer: You know you put a mint on the pillow, you know, at a hotel. You know where the mint was, right? Did you get that one? Jailer: Ms. Farkarlun? ... Ms. Farkarlun? Let me know when you're done. [Unintelligible chatter] Jailer: I love that floor. That floor just makes it all worthwhile. [Unintelligible chatter] Jailer: Are you done ma'am? Those pants don't fit? Farkarlun: No. Jailer: OK, she can't get the pants up. Jailer: So I'll need a report from you two then. Jailer: Why? Jailer: Cause we took her to the floor. We took her to the floor. Jailer: Wasn't me. [Unintelligible] Jailer: Yeah, she was strip-searched too. She was strip-searched by Minneapolis though. Jailer: Hmm? Jailer: It led up to Minneapolis requesting the strip-search. And she was uncooperative. You've got to do a report on that. Jailer: Cause you couldn't handle her against the wall you had to move her to the floor-- Jailer: Well, we probably could have but - Jailer: Well, no - Jailer: I had this fly in my ear and that was like vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom. Jailer: No, I watched. I watched ya - Jailer: She was a big girl. Jailer: Well I didn't expect her to be turning and I was like, 'Ay!' Jailer: Turning? She was uncooperative. Jailer: She was uncooperative. Jailer: She would have been a real bulldozer up there against the wall. Jailer: We would have been knocking that funky thing off the wall eventually.

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