Trevor Schlotfeldt-Gidney charged with threatening to kill Minneapolis cop on Facebook

The officer's offense: refusing entry to some Young 'n Thuggin members at a downtown club.

The officer's offense: refusing entry to some Young 'n Thuggin members at a downtown club. Hennepin County Jail

A Minneapolis police officer was working security at a downtown nightclub earlier this month when he stopped several people he recognized as YNT (Young 'n Thuggin) members at the door.

There were security concerns, according to the officer, because there had been several gang shootings in the area recently, and YNT members have been accused of perennial drug trafficking related violence. Last year, seven gang leaders were indicted on federal drug charges.

The would-be clubbers took video of their confrontation and shared it on Facebook, gathering a neat stockpile of death threats against the officer who, as it turns out, they also knew on a first-name basis.

One "known" YNT member and former shooting suspect, Trevor Deontre Schlotfeldt-Gidney, allegedly responded to the Facebook post: "Mfs need wack his bitch ass Fuk 12," (a reference to cops), and called the officer out by name. He included some police officer, explosion, and handgun emojis for clarification, according to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

The officer saw the posts online, and decided that from what he knew of YNT, they might actually try to kill him. The police department confirmed that Schlotfeldt-Gidney is a member of the gang based on past dealings, as well as Facebook photos showing him posing with other YNT members, making gang signs.

Court records show he was on probation after being convicted last year of fleeing a police officer in a vehicle.

Schlotfeldt-Gidney has been charged with one count of terroristic threats, a felony that comes with a maximum of 10 years in prison.

[Editor's note: A previous version of this story included an insulting phrase in the headline, which has since been changed. The reporter was not responsible for the original headline.]