Trevor Mbakwe spent his summer vacation being mean to foreign kids [VIDEO]

Trevor Mbakwe, the University of Minnesota's powerful power forward, is studying Education and Human Development -- he's not in Global Studies, okay?

So you  really can't blame the 6-8 post player for not realizing that in this perilous time in world events, maybe he shouldn't be so mean to foreigners.

Mbakwe starred on the Team USA squad sent to China for the Summer Universaide Games -- sort of a mini-Olympics for college athletes. The team, which featured players from Kentucky, Michigan State, and Alabama, finished a disappointing fifth place.

The United States won all five games in its pool, then -- after losing by two to the Lithuanians -- bounced back to knock off Germany in the consolation game. Along the way, Mbakwe pretty much dominated people who speak English as a second language and getting dunked on as a third.

Watch as Mbakwe spikes shots against the backboard, slams in alley-oops, and frequently leaves other defenders sprawled on the ground. At around the 1:25 mark, Mbawke carries out a dunk in someone's face that should probably be taken up  by the United Nations General Assembly.

He's just trying to play his game, really. But at this very moment, prosecutors are putting together a case against Mbakwe in the International Court of Justice, where Trevor will be accused of crimes against humility.

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