Trent Lott works through anger issues in new autobiography


The Drudge Report

has the scoop from subscription-only

Roll Call

about Mississippi Republican Sen.

Trent Lott

's new autobiography,

Herding Cats

(soon to be a major motion picture starring Meg Ryan and John Cusack). It seems Strom Thurmond's biggest fan is a bit miffed at Senate Majority Leader

Bill Frist

and former Sen.

Don Nickles

for "helping mastermind" his fall from power in 2002. Lott also smacks around former FEMA Director

Joe Allbaugh

for being one of the unnamed 'Bush aides' that told the press Lott should step down. Forget the

Washingtonienne's new book

, sounds like Trent's the one dishing out the good stuff in DC.

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