Trapper gets trapped, U of M flashers and grabbers back


Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

A trapper missing in the northern Minnesota was rescued after a tree fell on his leg. He was rescued with non-life threatening injuries.

1,000 Minn. National Guard members heading to Iraq early next year 
The Guard's 34th Infantry Division will be command 16,000 coalition forces in eight of Iraq's 18 provinces. The group isn't the largest from Minnesota to head to Iraq, the troops will have the most responsibility the Minnesota Guard has handled since World War II. 

Local officials came to the State Capitol to plead their case and save local funds. Many cities said major cuts could mean serious services wouldn't be provided to residents. This meeting came with more bad news: legislators learned that the $426 million deficit projected in the current fiscal year, could increase by $30 million to $70 million because of unemployment numbers. 

Watch out for more creepers on campus. University of Minnesota police are looking for two suspects after receiving reports of criminal sexual contact and indecent exposure Tuesday night. In one instance, a man ran up behind a woman on Washington Avenue and grabbed her genital area. Another man approached a woman on campus and exposed himself. 

The Pi Press tells the story of Tony Rose, a Navy vet who has been living without Social Security benefits since 2005. When he applied for the program, the U.S. government told him his citizenship had been revoked 42 years before.