Trading in Futures

One year ago, City Pages assembled a crack team of psychics, astrologers, and clairvoyants to reveal the secrets of 1997. Their predictions were stunning: mass destruction in China, natural disasters in California, teenage rampages. When we decided to check the veracity of last year's predictions, we were astonished at the results:

"By the charts, it does look like there will be a stadium I feel in the spring in '99. Pohlad is going to sell off, as early as this spring."

--Virginia Miller

"Twins owner Carl Pohlad said Thursday night that he was 'shocked' by the Minnesota House's 84-47 vote to defeat a Twins stadium bill, but he stopped short of saying he would immediately close his deal with North Carolina businessman Don Beaver."

--Star Tribune, 11/14/97

"[Channel 4 anchor Don Shelby is] obviously a very idealistic journalist, honestly shocked by how deep the dark side and raw power of Minnesota business is. I feel it's disabled him."

--Marlene Delott

"The [Northwest Airlines] pieces themselves troubled me as an investigative reporter because we didn't have a lovable on-camera source to make these accusations....The idea that [a source in the story] was a disgruntled former employee and just has an axe to grind was a criticism by some on the News Council. I'm dumbfounded. Every story I've ever done came from somebody who had an axe to grind."

--Don Shelby

"Sorry to say, but [Channel 11 anchor Diana Pierce] is going to have a tough year. It's almost like she's in the wrong area."

--Shirley Strasburg

"Anchorwoman breaks back in fall from horse: Spectators at a riding exhibition threw eggs at participants, causing several horses to bolt and seriously injuring one rider, Minneapolis TV anchorwoman Diana Pierce."

--Associated Press, 9/30/97

"I had a real sense of what looked to me to be a fire in Minneapolis, that is going to create a situation that's difficult and challenging. I had a real clear sense of the Minneapolis skyline so I think it is going to be in Minneapolis proper. The time frame was March. It was just this intense glow." --Diana Blagdon

"Blaze destroys historic mill warehouse: Firefighters fought a blaze Sunday that left a historic warehouse in downtown Minneapolis' mill district area a shell." --Star Tribune, 2/3/97

"Mike Sauro? I see him moving out west to Montana or Idaho." --Kathryn Harwig

"Court upholds reinstatement of Sauro to police force" --Star Tribune, 7/2/97

"There [might] be an environmental disaster occurring within the next year or so, like a power plant or a dam bursting or something like that, caused by negligence that will result in thousands of deaths." --Kathryn Harwig

"Beijing, China--Dump trucks poured huge boulders into the Yangtze River on Saturday, diverting its water flow for the Three Gorges Dam, an ambitious construction project that will force 1.2 million people from their homes."

--Associated Press, 11/9/97

"In the Middle East, there may be two more shocking incidents, one in Tel Aviv, creating such vast devastation that there will be an immediate global response." --Marlene Delott

"Suicide bombing rips cafe in Tel Aviv; Palestinian bomber, 3 Israeli women die in blast on eve of Purim" --Baltimore Sun, 3/22/97

"Dr. Dick and family, I believe, will be convicted. I think they'll get three years probation and community service." --Kathryn Harwig

"Judy Dick... received time off from her 15-day sentence for good behavior and time served. In addition to the jail time, Ramsey County District Judge Salvador Rosas ordered Dick to pay a $5,000 fine and complete 120 hours of community service at 'a place like Goodwill.'"

--Star Tribune, 9/26/97

"There's going to be a [Minneapolis] police story. It is scandalous in nature but I don't think it's exactly police corruption. There's a politician involved in it. Up at the top."

--Diana Blagdon

"An internal investigation of the finances of the Minneapolis police horse patrol indicates that there are, at the least, record-keeping and management problems. At the worst, a criminal investigation by an outside agency that began this week could lead to felony charges against police personnel."

--Star Tribune, 12/5/97

"The murder rate is going to drop in Minneapolis and [Police Chief Robert Olson] is going to take credit for it." --Kathryn Harwig

"In Minneapolis, reports of violent crime--homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault--mirrored the nationwide drop. Minneapolis Police Chief Robert Olson said he can't say for sure what's causing the decreases, but he thinks several get-tough initiatives are taking effect." --Star Tribune, 11/24/97

"I think we'll see a lot of nice, middle-class school kids committing crimes, and a lot of unexplained violence in the schools."

--Kathryn Harwig

"A 14-year-old freshman took a gun and earplugs out of his backpack and opened fire on classmates in a high school lobby today as they took part in an informal prayer service."

--Associated Press, Kentucky, 12/1/97

"A high school senior who prosecutors said was angry because of his poor grades was convicted Thursday of gunning down a teacher and killing a student who got in the way."

--Associated Press, Tennessee, 11/21/97

"Melissa Drexler... faces... a charge of murder for allegedly strangling and suffocating her baby after giving birth in the bathroom at her high school prom, prosecutors said Wednesday."

--The Record, New Jersey, 9/18/97

"Southwest DeKalb High School sophomore Lyndon Deshard Mosley was indicted Thursday by a DeKalb County grand jury in the September 18 stabbing death of a fellow student."

--Atlanta Journal/Constitution, 10/17/97

"A student opened fire on schoolmates early today at Pearl High School, killing two people, including a former girlfriend, and injuring six others. The boy's mother was later found stabbed to death."

--Associated Press, Mississippi, 10/1/97

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