Trace Maxwell linked by Glock to triple homicide


Investigators still aren't sure why Trace Maxwell went on a deadly shooting spree early Thursday morning before killing himself, but they've tied him to the three homicides by way of a Glock pistol.

The Glock was found in Maxwell's SUV where it crashed on Lake Street after he shot himself to death was being pursued by police.

Spent ammunition from the gun was found at the scene three homicides:

Amy Terborg, Maxwell's girlfriend, was found shot to death at about 2:30 a.m. at a house on Logan Avenue in North Minneapolis. Jason Rand was found shot dead about an hour later in Brooklyn Park. Later Thursday, Bryan Fisher was found shot dead at his home in Inver Grove Heights.

Comparisons showed that fired bullets recovered from the Logan Avenue residence, the body of Amy Terborg and the vehicle in which Trace Maxwell died were all fired from the Glock.

Spent cartridge casings recovered at the crime scenes in Brooklyn Park and Inver Grove Heights were also fired in this Glock.