TPAW: What does it mean?

Even his own nickname has turned against him!
Even his own nickname has turned against him!
Matt VisionQuest

Hijacking politicians' names has become an honored political pastime. Alt weekly sex columnist Dan Savage successfully re-branded Santorum as a substance too disgusting to describe.

So it was perhaps inevitable that T-Paw's sobriquet wouldn't remain untouched for long.

But, it turns out there's already another meaning for TPAW on the internet, and it's a sad reflection of the former Minnesota governor's new spotlight-seeking reality.

TPAW, when treated as an acronym, actually has an entirely different meaning in Urban Dictionary-ese.

T-Paw is desperate for attention
T-Paw is desperate for attention

Top President Approaching White House? No, it's much more apt than that:

Top-Posting Attention-Whore: Someone who regularly posts a new craigslist forum entry at the top to feed their need for personal attention.

That sounds kind of like a guy who would post grandiose trailers of himself on YouTube pretending to be an action star.

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