Totino-Grace vs. Prairie Seeds Academy high school soccer match ends in crazy on-field brawl [VIDEO]

Spectators came for a soccer match and instead got a Royal Rumble.
Spectators came for a soccer match and instead got a Royal Rumble.
Image by Tatiana Craine

Last Thursday's sectional championship soccer match between Totino-Grace and Prairie Seeds Academy culminated in a scene reminiscent of a WWE Royal Rumble.

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As the final seconds of Prairie Seeds' 2-1 victory ticked away, players from both teams started brawling on the field. A Totino-Grace coach was punched in the head, one player needed stitches, and the Prairie Seeds goalie was caught on tape delivering a brutal kick to another student's back.

Here's the footage, along with a Channel 12 TV news report:

KARE 11 reports that the incident is under investigation by by both schools, the Minnesota State High School League, and Maple Grove Police. Suspensions could be announced as soon as today, and criminal charges may be forthcoming.

Maple Grove police Captain Keith Terlinden said nobody was seriously hurt, thanks in part to the fact that the kids involved don't know how to fight.

"Not many of the punches landed where they were supposed to," Terlinder told the Pioneer Press.

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