Toronto mom seeks Blue Jays hat lost at Mall of America

Did you take this kid's Toronto Blue Jays hat? If so give it back, man!

Did you take this kid's Toronto Blue Jays hat? If so give it back, man! Facebook

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Aaron Sanchez keeps having weird stuff going wrong with his hands and fingers.

Far more relatable (and less dramatic) than the elbow and shoulder problems that typically plague pitchers, hand problems are still problems. If you can't hold and throw the ball without pain affecting your motion, you can't pitch. Sanchez, 26, left the mound midway through a start this week after suffering a broken fingernail.

Sanchez thinks this latest injury to a digit might be... our fault. Well, our weather's: FanSided quotes journalist Hazel Mae saying Sanchez first noticed this finger thing during a trip to Minnesota, and isn't sure coldness didn't leave him more vulnerable to injury.

Though he's not usually associated with Minnesota, this is the second Aaron Sanchez connection to this land to emerge this week. The other's got nothing to do with the on-field action, unless you think of who cares most about what guys like Sanchez can do out there when their hands are healthy.

Over the weekend, a woman named Jennifer Kraway posted to Facebook about her son's recent trip to Minnesota, during which he'd visited the Mall of America. Said son was wearing a Blue Jays cap that belonged to his grandfather, who'd had it signed by both Aaron Sanchez and Tim Mayza, a pitcher who's bounced in and out of the majors and been used sparingly so far in his career.

Sanchez and Mayza ain't exactly Greg Maddux and John Smoltz, but this hat obviously holds sentimental value to Kraway and her son; the grandfather who'd gotten it signed recently passed away, and she seems downright desperate to get it back.

A commenter on Kraway's original post said they'd contacted the Mall of America itself, to which Kraway responded she'd also alerted mall authorities, though she adds, "obviously someone took it."

She's hoping her emotional appeal reaches whoever that was, and that the hat thief comes to realize the team gear means more to Kraway's son than it does to them. 

Another commenter urged the mom to contact the players themselves, obviously hoping they'd be willing to sign another hat for her. Seems like a simple solution, though we wouldn't want Sanchez to go breaking a nail and kinda sorta blaming Minnesota weather.

We kid. This never-ending winter was hell, and at this point you're lucky if you've got fingers, toes, and suitable headgear, signed or not.