Tornado count overestimated by National Weather Service

It now appears that there were some wild imaginations and miscounts at work last Thursday when a hellacious storm system ripped across the state, killing at least three people.

Those 34 twisters we and others reported? Closer to 17, the National Weather Service now says.

That means the state's record one-day one-day count still stands at 27.

The miscount is a common occurrence, the weather service tells the Star Tribune. Star Tribune:

But the damage delivered by Thursday's tornadoes offered a different kind of record-breaking shock and awe: Three of them were rated EF4 -- with winds howling at 170 mph.

Minnesota had not seen a tornado as destructive as the three EF4s since the July 25, 2000, tornado that killed one person near Granite Falls. Each was more than a mile wide. The Almora tornado scoured the ground for 36 miles, the Freeborn County twister 21 and the Wadena tornado 10.

Here's some new video posted by Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers on YouTube. It's not clear from the clip whether they're witnessing one of the EF4 twisters, but the footage is from Wadena, and it is powerful. If they're looking at the same EF4 the weather service recorded in Wadena, it's the twister that was on the ground for 10 miles, destroying about 200 homes.

Via the Discovery Channel posting: Dominator intercepts violent wedge tornado southwest of Wadena, Minnesota, measuring incredible vertical winds with the radar, and launching parachute probes into the tornado with the cannon. We deployed in the strongest eastern side of the wedge, and the 150+ mph winds ripped off the room anemometer, sand-blasted the paint, and caused us to slide across the road with the hydraulics deployed.

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