Torii Hunter: Pohlad's ignoring me and Twins fans are dumb

class=img_thumbleft>We're paraphrasing. But Torii Hunter, in New York this week for a series against the Mets, granted an interview to the Daily News. Here's what this season's best Twin, whose contract is up this season, had to say:

"I want to be with the Twins and that's been my main goal, but I'm human and the silence makes you wonder. I think I'm a decent player. I can't believe there hasn't even been a conversation about it. That's tough to swallow."

OK, fair enough. The man wants to get paid. But what about this?

"I love Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere and energy there is great. And the fans know the game. When they get on you it can be pretty personal, but it's always about your baseball game. When someone screams, 'You just can't hit that slider,' that's someone who knows what they're talking about. You don't hear that kind of informed (chatter) in Minnesota."