Torii Hunter cleats umpire in the face, breaks his nose [VIDEO]

Torri delivered some some HBK-esque Sweet Chin Music to umpire Greg Gibson.
Torri delivered some some HBK-esque Sweet Chin Music to umpire Greg Gibson.

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Torii Hunter booted umpire Greg Gibson in the face while unsuccessfully sliding into home on Wednesday night, opening up a nasty gash on Gibson's face and breaking his nose.

After the game, Hunter pointed out that things could've turned out even worse for the ump. The ex-Twin was wearing rubber-bottom shoes rather than the spikes he sometimes wears. "If I had my spikes [on], he could've been missing an eye," Hunter said.

Here's the footage:

Gibson should be alright. He left the game, went to the hospital, and received five stitches. The bridge of his nose was broken. He's been out of action since, but has an eye exam today and hopes to return soon if it goes well.

Hunter has always seemed like a classy guy and said after the game he "felt bad." He went to visit Gibson in the hospital. From TMZ:

Gibson says Hunter seemed "upset and worried" about the accident ... but the umpire tells us he doesn't blame Torii ... chalking it up to a "freak play ... an accident."

In fact, Gibson says Hunter is one of the nicest guys in the league ... "One of the princes of the game."

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