Top Tweets From Black Lives Matter Takeover of Mall of America's #ItsMyMall Campaign

Who thought this was a good idea?

Who thought this was a good idea?

Earlier this week Mall of America's amazing PR team came up with the brilliant hashtag #ItsMyMall in response to a terrorist video that referenced the mall last month.

In theory, the hashtag would elicit responses from people around the world who still get warm fuzzies thinking about pleasant afternoons spent trying on clothes, eating at Cinnabon and people watching at the great temple of consumerism.

That is not what happened.

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Somehow, the mall's PR team failed to realize there's a huge number of people out there who are still pretty upset over charges filed against 11 of the organizers of the big protest at the mall back in December, and a lot of those people are really good at Twitter.

It all started with the mall's Senior VP of Marketing Jill Renslow:

Oh Jill. What have you done? Black Lives Matter was quick to seize the opportunity, and a few of the people facing charges took time to weigh in.

[page] The now-infamous pictures of riot police guarding the Build-A-Bear and Nickelodeon theme park were ripe for memes paired with withering sarcasm.

Others referenced the Orwellian warning given to protesters and the more recent revelation that the Mall of America used a fake Facebook profile named Nikki Larson to spy on protest organizers.

[page] Where does #ItsMyMall stand amidst the great failed marketing campaigns of the past?

Even @ClownsofMN got in on the fun, which was pretty weird.

We guess #ItsMyMall wasn't a total failure. Although the overwhelming majority of the tweets were in support of Black Lives Matter, there were a few people who genuinely had great memories from time spent at Mall of America. Like this guy:

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