Top 5 Hate Mails of the Week: 'I can't believe Shitty Pages...'

"Smoke a fattie if you have to. Your pseudo-intellectual whining isn't deterring me from enjoying the mural."

"Smoke a fattie if you have to. Your pseudo-intellectual whining isn't deterring me from enjoying the mural."

Welcome to this week's installment of Top 5 Hate Mails of the Week, featuring the finest in soul-crushing insults from our legions of admirers. 

5. Black Lives Matter St. Paul's Marathon protest plans are really pissing people off

Reader Matthew Neblett was not pleased with Susan Du's story on the backlash over the planned protest of the Twin Cities Marathon. But at least he compared us favorably to Fox News, which is to media what John Wilkes Booth was to acting: 

I read the article by Ms. Du and I have never seen such bias and negativity toward a social movement outside of Fox News. I saw the unending stream of articles in support of gay marriage. I have not yet seen that level of love and media support from anyone, and when I saw the title of the article, I knew that the progressive media voice I have loved since I was 14 was different now.

Go read some of the comments on Facebook and imagine how you would feel as a black man seeing this and knowing it not only exists, but that your magazine encourages its writers and readers to engage in bigotry for the sake of bigotry. There was no need to pour more gasoline on an inferno. But I do thank you for showing me what City Pages thinks of the black community's struggle for equality. 

4.-2. Hey Minneapolis: Chill the hell out about Bob Dylan

Writer David Anderson found some rather wide discrepancies between Dylan's ties to Minneapolis and the degree to which we lionize him. But we quickly learned from our adoring fans that A.) One should not speak ill of Dylan and B.) writing against prevailing wisdom is tantamount to treason or, worse, click-bait.

Wrote Darwin Holmstrom:

Meh. I'm eating lunch at 508 as I'm reading this tripe, enjoying the mural. Seems like the author is overthinking it. Chill the fuck out yourself and enjoy a nice piece of public art. Smoke a fattie if you have to. Your pseudo-intellectual whining isn't deterring me from enjoying the mural.

Added Vincent Scott:

Really, David, you can't be that stupid. People were not excited about Bob Dylan. They were excited about an internationally known artist completing a piece of commissioned art and bringing some excitement that Minneapolis is a place where artists are welcomed. And you are a lame ass for shitting on that.

Finally, Nathan Anderson offered some reflective remarks on media consumption:  

Dammit. Why did I even click the link? Typical City Pages as of late. Click-bait and shoddy writing. I can only blame myself, really. I should have blocked CP long ago so as to not sully my day with this drivel.

1. School board member Grant Nichols keeps stepping on online land mines

This week's top scorer is Dave Kjellberg who... well... we're not quite sure what he's trying to say. But his invective shows the high-minded zeal we've come to expect from internet comment sections, the Socratic forum of our times:

I can't believe Shitty Pages hasn't moved on from this yet. Just not happy unless they have him on pole with a 100 liberals lighting a fire under the guy. If he said this 14 years ago when the towers went down, what would you all say then? Probably not much. Hypocrites.