Top 5 Flying Fails

Flugtag proved that most folks aren't meant to fly

Flugtag proved that most folks aren't meant to fly

Hats off again to the pilot and crew of Team Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies at Flugtag last weekend. They won the day and broke the world distance record with a contraption that looked like it should have crashed and sunk in the Mississippi well before it did. And it put us in mind of these five videos of outstanding flying failures.

We should add that no human beings died for your amusement here.

Canadian Air Force vs. Gravity

What do you do with a jet fighter that was recently gussied up with a $2 billion makeover? In the case of this Canadian Air Force pilot, you drive it into the ground before a horrified crowd at an air show.

BASE jumper vs. Wind currents

BASE jumpers are notorious control freaks, planning their leaps with perfection so that they don't crash in a broken heap before their parachutes deploy. Then there's this Austrian, who ends up looking like Wile E Coyote.

Jet vs. aircraft carrier

All praise to the pilots who take off and land aboard aircraft carriers, and to the deck crews that make it all possible. Their work is an amazing feat of bravery, skill and engineering. But every now and then something does go wrong: Watch here as millions of dollars of hardware flops off the deck of one carrier as the pilot ejects.

Plane vs. paradise

Ah, the Caribbean. Life the way Jimmy Buffett says it ought to be, right? Sure. But getting there can sometimes be a challenge. Take, for instance, the airport at St. Bart's, where you fly over a mountain and land downhill, slamming on the brakes before your aircraft turns watercraft. Sometimes ...

Skydiver vs. Paraglider

You might think that there would be plenty of room to maneuver as a skydiver; you have the whole sky to work with, after all. So how is it that this guy manages to t-bone a paraglider? We have no idea, but it appears that in the end both folks were OK.