Top 10 Google searches we've done in the past six months

The work -- if you can call it that -- we do around here requires research. Serious research. Since the Internet is serious business, we utilize the wild searching apparatus known as The Google.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, these are work-related. Seriously. On occasion we'll use the Information Superhighway to settle a bet, but all but one of these were fact-checking or research for actual blog posts or stories were were working on. The best of the best, with a few explanatory notes -- and a request for your submissions -- after the jump.

Honorable mentions: "Doug Feith" + "dumbest fucking guy," (for an Elephants in the Room post), "Joe Buck" + "midlife crisis" (just for fun) and "lesbian ghost porn" (I have no idea).

10. Rachel Kramer Bussell cupcake erotica I was researching the potential linkage between an author's written work on sex and her cupcake blog. Turns out there was no link, but a lot of people now want to send me odd spam.

9. "Ron Paul" juggalos This was for a potential post about fans of the Insane Clown Posse who back ol' Ron Paul. Turns out there are Juggalos for Obama, too. The post is as-yet unpublished.

8. Madonna "she's a dick" Anyone who can guess what we were searching for here wins a no-prize. No fair doing the search yourself. Hint: it involves a zebra-print suit and a parking lot.

7. Dan Savage licking Gary Bauer's doorknobs

6. remote control flying penis

5. GI Joe body massage

4. Hair bears JewFro 1970s I did not believe Jessica Armbruster that, pre-Care Bears, there had been a cartoon involving ursine characters with spectacular hair. I learned two things that day. Google understands the term "JewFro," and never bet against Jessica Armbruster.

3. Oedipus beard eyeballs That search is for this bad boy. I couldn't remember what Sophocles' exact phrase was for the immortal tragedy Oedipus Rex. My only regret: I didn't walk into someone's office at random and ask, "Hey, do you remember whether the beard in Oedipus is 'bejeweled' with eyeballs or 'bedecked' with eyeballs?"

2. Zap R. Crumb fetus Andrea Myers did this one, looking for the original Zap Comix art behind the Electric Fetus' name.

1. Kathi-Anne Reinstein countered with a proposal making the fluffer nutter the official state sandwich of Massachusetts No comment. I'm sure you can make "fluffer nutter" jokes on your own.

How about you? What's the weirdest Google search you've done lately, for work or otherwise?

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