Top 10 expensive Halloween costumes on the web


For only the most serious and dedicated Halloweeners, we summoned a small cache of the most expensive costumes on the web. Collectors, drool away. As for the rest of us, perhaps a bed sheet with holes isn't such a bad idea after all. Preview our favorite 3 here, or check out the complete list.

<strong>The Vampire Stalkaround 

Cost: $1,999.99

It's eight feet of sinister evil, complete with inside levers to control it's spindly, ghostly-white appendages. "Amazingly realistic" the website says. No kidding.

Darth Vader

Cost: $794

The epitome of darkness itself, this is the real-deal Vader licensed by George Lucas' studios. It was actually conceived by the same mold of '77 Vader. Gruesome Bat Creature Reacher Costume


Cost: $249.99

OK, we gotta be honest. If someone showed up to our house party in this costume, we'd probably usher him right the #$^& out.

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