Top 10 Blotter stories of 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, we took time out to check on the stories that had readers talking most this year. The Top 10 Blotter Stories of 2011 include a good chunk of Bachmann gaffes (of course), a couple dodgy civic outbursts and an apocalyptic farm incident involving cattle.  Never a dull day, we tell you.

Happy holidays to everyone and let's keep the conversations going into 2012. 

1. Bill Clinton calls Michele Bachmann divorced from reality on health care  - Feb. 7

2. "Mini-riot" in downtown Minneapolis caught on tape [VIDEO]  - Sept. 12

3. New 911 police tapes from Wisconsin State Fair released - Aug. 11

4. Michele Bachmann naked body scans [PHOTOS] - Feb. 1

5. Meet Amy Myers, the teen who challenged Michele Bachmann to a debate - May 16

6. Michele Bachmann flunks slavery history again [VIDEO] - Feb. 9

7. Is Michele Bachmann smarter than a high school sophomore? - May 12

8. Who was Karen Sullivan? MN activists remember the undercover gov't agent - Jan. 20

9. 200 Cows drop dead on Wisconsin farm - Jan. 17

10. Neil Gaiman responds to "pencil-necked weasel" insult by Matt Dean [INTERVIEW] - May 4

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