Too much swine flu: Russians ban Wis. meat

We have to admit that Minnesotans have been doing some pretty creepy and bone-headed things lately, but that doesn't mean the Wisconsinites are innocent. At least our state seems kind of normal this week. We can always rely on Wisconsin for something.

The Russians ban Wis. meat, scared of swine flu

Moscow-- Russian regulators are expanding bans on pork and other meat imports to more U.S. states, citing H1N1 flu fears. The decision to include Wisconsin, Washington and Illinois brings the number of states affected by the ban on pork, chicken and other meat imports to seven.

Man had fair trial, sentenced to prison for kicking a nurse

A Wisconsin appeals court has upheld a Brown County man's prison sentence for kicking a hospital emergency room nurse in a rage because he didn't want the medical help for religious and other reasons.

Favre's family psyched for his game against Packers... if it happens

GREEN BAY -- Brett Favre's family is ready for his return to Green Bay if he plays for the Minnesota Vikings. Favre's family and friends have booked 25 to 30 rooms at the Midway Motor Lodge near Lambeau Field for the weekend of the Vikings game against the Green Bay Packers on Nov. 1.

Mom convicted of prayer murder will be sentenced in October

WAUSAU - The mother convicted of reckless homicide for praying while her daughter became gravely ill and died of undiagnosed diabetes will be sentenced Oct. 6 and a judge is considering delaying her husband's trial.

Police officer tried to date investigation suspect? Hot.

The city of Pewaukee's acting police chief is seeking the firing of a sergeant he accuses of lying and inappropriate conduct, including trying to date a suspect under investigation.

Teen going to trial for allegedly strangling dad

Jurors have been selected for the trial of a Neenah teenager accused of strangling his father.