Too many choices for Minneapolis mayor? Vote for awesomeness


If you're the type of person who prefers voting for "Lizard People" or "Mickey Mouse" or yourself when you enter the voting booth on Election Day, one candidate might make your choice a little easier. Because let's face it, if a person is willing to actually "campaign" for mayor under the "Is Awesome" party, they at least deserve a pity 3rd choice vote on the ranked choice ballot. Do it for America.

Joey Lombard, a 22-year-old, is running on his lack of inexperience and his sheer awesomeness. The Star Tribune profiled him awhile back and we have to say we were a little impressed.

Here is what his campaign site says on Election Day on your final decision to vote for him:

Come November 3rd this year, be sure to get out to the polls and vote for Joey as the next mayor of Minneapolis. Unlike other politicians, Joey has no experience and is thus unable to have become corrupted. Furthermore, Joey has a proven record of awesomeness that can be counted on should the city face natural disaster, war, famine, Act of God, or any of a hundred other things that other candiates aren't busy thinking about.

Should Joey be elected this year, he will be sure to express his gratitude by humbly taking office and putting his years of playing Sim City to use. He'll not only improve the city but will do so with a smile.

His expertise comes from Sim City? This guy has to be onto something.