Tony Sutton rips into Collin Peterson

Here's the issue: Democratic U.S Rep. Collin Peterson, who represents the 7th congressional district, voted against the health care reform bill. Later, he said that since it had become the law of the land, he would work with it. To Republicans who have made "repeal and replace" their new battle cry, this was a great excuse to attack. So state GOP chair Tony Sutton has put the hammer down on the party's Web site:

"Collin Peterson has taken Washingtonspeak to a whole new level. After voting against the Senate health care bill, Peterson told a group of Democrat activists that he 'will support' ObamaCare. Now Peterson has sent out his staff to insist that his position on ObamaCare has not changed. The voters of the Seventh Congressional District deserve better," Sutton said. "If Peterson still opposes ObamaCare and his position has not changed, he should have no problem supporting the effort to repeal and replace this disastrous legislation. It's time for Peterson to tell his constituents where he stands on repealing and replacing ObamaCare."

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