Tony Sutton, former MNGOP boss, is more than $2 million in debt

How is it possible to lose this much money selling burritos?
How is it possible to lose this much money selling burritos?

As we told you about last week, Tony Sutton, the former chair of the MNGOP, recently filed for bankruptcy.

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Turns out that Sutton, a champion of fiscal responsibility during his tenure as MNGOP boss -- "We've got to get back on track philosophically," Sutton said when he was elected as MNGOP chair in June 2009. "The party of fiscal responsibility was spending like crazy in Washington. We've got to regain credibility with folks for whom fiscal issues are important" -- actually has more personal debt than the $2 million he left his party saddled with when he resigned in late 2011.

A Star Tribune report provides the gory details:

Sutton and his wife, Bridget Sutton [she filed for divorce in March], an Inver Grove Heights school board member and former Republican operative, say they owe $2.1 million, including $70,000 of credit card debt, $20,000 in federal student loans, unpaid state and federal taxes, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured personal loans to cover business expenses. At the time they filed, the Suttons had no life or health insurance.

Fiscal responsibility, indeed!

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