Tommy Mischke lands nightside slot on WCCO-AM

Tom Mishke is breaking radio silence

Tom Mishke is breaking radio silence

Tommy Mischke, local broadcast legend and City Pages columnist, has landed the 10 p.m. to midnight slot at WCCO-AM radio, and starts May 10.

"If you grew up in this State, as I did, you hear the call letters WCCO and scores of sounds and images flash through your head." Mischke tells the station. "I know its history. I know the big names that put that station on the map over the years. I'll be walking through those doors like the kid who got the good looking girl on prom night."

Let's hope the good looking girl returns the sentiment, because Mischke's fans have missed his quirky, stream-of-consciousness broadcasts since KSTP-AM canceled his show after 17 years in 2008.

After KSTP, Mischke brought his broadcast to a year-long webcast via the City Pages website. And he plans to keep writing his weekly column for us here.