Tom Rukavina reveals his union-made boxers


They get the best special deliveries at the Star Tribune. Yesterday? Tom Rukavina's boxers.

The DFL candidate for governor's state director, Steve Cerkvenik, dropped off the bright blue, union-made shorts on Portland Avenue yesterday, and Rachel Stassen-Berger was treated to an exclusive.

See, the union underwear with the "Refreshingly Honest" logo has been a rumor until recently.

His suit is made in America, his pants are made in America, even his underwear, he pledges, is made in America. The spiel concludes: "Trust me on that one."


"It is really part of the symbol and part of the message," Cerkvenik said. Rukavina has long looked for creative ways to boost jobs and "keep the jobs here," he said. "It's humor and personality and boxer shorts but we will also have results."

Johnny Northside came perilously close to a more personal sighting in March:

I asked Tom Rukavina for his "elevator speech" about why he should be governor, and he gave it to me in 41 seconds right there at the Minnesota State Senate District 58 Convention. Too bad I didn't manage to tape the part where Rukavina offered to show his "union underwear" while giving a speech on the stage.

Here's the 41 seconds.