Tom Petters' employees told to give back the bonuses

Tom Petters must be one of the worst bosses of all time.

First, the guy gets busted in a $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme that makes anything Petters-related an epic negative on the resume. Now, his ex-employees have to give up the one perk left: The dirty money.

About 70 former Petters workers have received letters demanding they give back bonuses handed out years ago. Some may not be so easy to pay back; the largest bonuses top out in the millions.

The money will go toward the long trail of victims who were ruined by Petters' scheme.

It sounds like there's a pretty good chance not all 70 are going to be jumping at the opportunity to give back their years-old bonuses, and it's easy to understand why. The names of those who received the letters haven't been released, but many employees under the Petters umbrella were completely legit and probably happy to see the guy sentenced.

That's a pretty cut-and-dry indication of a terrible boss: even from prison, he's still making your life hell.

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