Tom Knapp, shotgun master, loses his gig with Benelli

Tom Knapp is a name likely recognized by few - but in the exhibition shooting circuit, the Elk River, Minnesota man is a legend, holding three world records for clay pigeon eradication, including one in which he shot 10 targets out of the air in 2.2 seconds. For the past 20 years he's been doing his crazy gun tricks with a Benelli shotgun.

But Knapp's been cut loose from the Italian gun manufacturer's roster, after he had to cancel his latest exhibition tour due to medical complications. Despite the end of his relationship with Benelli, Knapp's looking toward the future with hope. "I'm quickly regaining my health and looking forward to the next phase of my career,"

he said.

Maybe he could join the Minneapolis SWAT team?

Here's a few of our favorite Knapp videos, demonstrating the ridiculous skill this man wields with a gun.

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