Tom Iverson allegedly had 0.24 BAL while he drove 100 and made daughters crack his beers

Iverson allegedly took his daughters on a ride down the highway from hell.
Iverson allegedly took his daughters on a ride down the highway from hell.

One of Tom Iverson's 12-year-old twin daughters was so scared as he drunkenly sped down Highway 10 at speeds up to 100 mph while ordering her to crack beers for him that she pretended to vomit in hopes of slowing him down.

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But Iverson, a 47-year-old Moorhead resident, didn't stop until he drew the attention of a police officer by swerving. He was arrested on suspicion of DWI and charged after a breathalyzer at the station revealed he was three times over the legal limit with a BAL of 0.24.

From Forum Communications:

According to court documents filed in the case Monday, Iverson was pulled over by a Clay County deputy Friday at 8:48 p.m. for speeding "well in excess" of the 30-mph speed limit on Highway 10 in Dilworth.

Court documents state the deputy saw Iverson swerve and nearly hit a parked car as the deputy pulled him over. Iverson had red, watery eyes and slurred speech as he spoke to the deputy, appeared confused and couldn't pass field sobriety tests, authorities allege in the complaint...

When the deputy explained to two girls in the car that their father was being arrested for drunken driving, they told him they'd been scared and that their father had been driving between 90 and 100 mph. The girls told the deputy their father was drinking while driving the car, and that he'd been having the children open his beers for him.

One of the girls told the deputy she'd pretended to throw up to try to get her father to slow down, according to the complaint.

After being charged with felony drunk driving and gross misdemeanor child endangerment, Iverson, who has at least three previous drunk driving convictions, posted $12,000 bail and was released from jail without conditions.

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