Tom Horner's brother Steve goes 'Black Sheep' in letter to the editor

Independence Party-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner can't be happy about the attention his brother, Steve Horner, is getting from the media.

First there was the anti-Ladies' Night campaign, during which a years-old Daily Show segment surfaced where Steve compares himself to Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali.

Today, the Minnesota Daily has printed a letter-to-the-editor from Steve. In it, Steve lays out the vast differences between himself and his politically ambitious brother. It starts out simple enough: Steve is a country boy; Tom prefers the city. Steve was the class clown; Tom was in student government.

Around paragraph four it starts sounding like a family reunion with an open bar. Like how Tom stopped inviting Steve to his house because the two argue about social issues. Or how Tom prefers Wisconsin to Minnesota.

Then there's this:

I spent 30 days in the Ramsey County workhouse for nonthreatening phone calls I made to the commissioner of Minnesota's Department of Human Rights for what I believe was her failure to protect my civil rights -- the rights of a balding white guy. I doubt Tom has ever had so much as a traffic ticket.

It's true: balding-white-guy rights did not make it into Tom's gubernatorial platform.

Steve goes on to berate Tom for not supporting his dream to abolish Ladies' Night. According to Steve, Tom didn't get behind the crusade because he "believes women need special favors."

Christmas at the Horners must be a blast. The whole brotherly debacle seems worthy of a scene in the 1996 Chris Farley movie Black Sheep:

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