Tom Horner wins IP endorsement

Tom Horner took home the Independence Party gubernatorial endorsement Saturday, officially securing the businessman and former Republican's place in the middle.

And the middle is just where Horner wants to be. He's told reporters many times that he's in it to win it, not just to be a spoiler. His strategy will be to shave off moderate votes from the Republican and DFL candidates.

Horner is a Minnesota native and former press secretary for Republican U.S. Sen. David Durenberger. He's currently an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas and partner in the public affairs firm Himle Horner Inc.

Matt Entenza, one of three candidates running in the DFL primary, released a statement after Horner's win cautioning that the longtime Republican is still a Republican by any other name.

"The people of Minnesota should know there are now two Republicans in the race for governor: Tom Horner and Tom Emmer. Come August, there will be only one Democrat in the race, but there will still be two Republicans in the race, even if one of them has put on a different label for now," says Entenza.

If Horner is going to win, he has a long way to go. A poll released last week indicated that about 9 to 10 percent of Minnesotans would vote for him now. Then again, it's a long way to the election, and there's plenty of time for a game-changer.

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