Tom Evenstad is your pot tour guide in Colorado

And he shall be known also as Johnny Cannabis Seed, Minnesota's own marijuana tour guide.

We're talking about Thomas Evenstad, a suburban blogger who on Wednesday launched the website Mile High 420 Tours, which offers personalized advice on marijuana dispensaries. For the right price, Evenstad will gas up his car and meet you in Colorado, where for a week, he says, "I will cater to your needs."

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Prices range from $2,500 to $3,500 and the most expensive package includes six nights in a pet-friendly Jacuzzi suite. Cheapos (relatively speaking) are expected to stay with friends or find their own damn hotel.

Marijuana tourism is a booming industry in Colorado, only the second state in the U.S. to make the plant legal for both medical and recreational purposes. A recent study put together by the travel research website Hopper, though far from scientific, shows a spike in the number of flights from Minneapolis to Denver since December.

Evenstad's credentials as a tour guide include, well, decades of smoking marijuana and treating the plant, he says, as a sacrament. This week, after returning from a Rocky Mountain pilgrimage, he spent 10 hours on his new website and bought 21 domain names.

-- Tom Evenstad (@TomEvenstad) February 1, 2014

Anyone who follows Evenstad on Twitter knows of his flair for self-marketing and championing  of unpopular causes. Normally, he sells consultation of another kind: for people accused of sexually violent crimes facing civil commitment under the state's sexually violent predators law. Evenstad himself is a convicted rapist. Though the state tried to lock him up indefinitely, he has always maintained his innocence.

As of midday Thursday, Evenstad had received no phone calls from trip-seeking clients. But the day was young and his optimism high.

"I'm trying to cash in on the green rush, there's no doubt about that," Evenstad says. "But what's driving me is not the idea of making millions. I'm at the right place at the right time in Minnesota to bring sanity and medicine to children and people who are in pain."

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