Tom Emmer's team now waits on Minnesota Supremes

And now we wait on the Supremes.

And now we wait on the Supremes.

Tom Emmer's legal team got its shot before the Minnesota Supreme Court today to argue that election judges didn't follow the law when they counted up voters and votes on Election Day.


Chief Justice Lorie Gildea and Justices Alan Page, Chris Dietzen, Helen Meyer and G. Barry Anderson heard arguments from Emmer's lawyers, and from Mark Dayton's legal team.

If you're reading the tea leaves, Gildea, Anderson and Dietzen were appointed to the bench by Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Meyer was appointed by Jesse Ventura, and Page was elected to his seat.

In a nutsehell, Emmer's team says election judges didn't follow state law to the letter, while the Secretary of State's office and Dayton's team say the judges followed administrative rules that have been in effect, and accepted, for decades.

The court gave no hint about when it would render a decision. Meantime, the State Canvassing Board meets tomorrow to certify the state's election results.

According to numbers posted on the Secretary of State's website, Dayton picked up 15 votes between Election Day and today, after local election officials double-checked their results. That keeps Dayton's lead -- now 8770 votes -- is within the margin that calls for an automatic state-wide recount.