Tom Emmer's predicament is Michael Steele's fault?

Hey, lets blame this guy.

Hey, lets blame this guy.

First we were told that Republican Tom Emmer hasn't yet won the governor's race outright because Secretary of State Mark Ritchie was an evil, evil man.

Now it sounds like one big-deal Repub is pinning the blame on national party chairman Michael Steele.


Steele's sidekick, political director Gentry Collins, has taken the party's dirty laundry public with a scathing indictment of Steele's fundraising abilities - or alleged lack thereof. If they'd been better, Minnesota wouldn't have a recount on its hands, he believes.

A study by the Davis Intelligence Group has preliminarily found that two more US Senate seats (WA, CO) would have been won had sufficient ground-game and get-out-the-vote efforts been made. I would add three governorships to that list (CT, MN and VT.)

Who knows? Maybe the guy's right. Then again, maybe the real reason behind Mark Dayton's current lead might just possibly be that more Minnesotans found him to be a more appealing candidate.

Interesting side note: Judging from the language, the RNC apparently considers the recount already to be a lost cause.

Said recount, to remind you, will likely get going on Nov. 29.