Tom Emmer's new gig: KTLK radio jock

But seriously, this was his third choice.

But seriously, this was his third choice.

In this tough economy, sometimes we have to settle.

This seems to be the case for Tom Emmer, former Republican gubernatorial candidate, who has taken a job as a drive-time talk show host on Fox News-affiliated KTLK-FM.

This is great news for all the Mark Dayton haters out there: Even though Emmer didn't win the race, you can still catch his hockey metaphors and "insider information that listeners will not hear anywhere else" on your way to work, says a KTLK spokesman.


We're glad to see that Emmer landed some work, because it sounds like it's been a rocky ride since the election.

After a razor-thin loss and fruitless recount, Emmer made a bid for Republican National Committeeman. This probably seemed like a sure thing, considering he had been nominated by the Republicans to run for governor just a year before. But this didn't turn out to be the case; Emmer was annihilated from the race on the first ballot.

KTLK announced Emmer's new gig earlier today. He'll be joining Bob Davis, a veteran of the conservative radio world who previously worked for KSTP.

The Emmer tribe conceded the race last December.

The Emmer tribe conceded the race last December.

"Davis and Emmer have two very different personalities, but combined they will bring a truly unique and compelling perspective to daily issues," says KTLK Program Director Andrew Lee in a statement. "They will bring a stellar combination of wit and insight to KTLK's strong stable of radio entertainers."

Lee says the hosts start immediately, so tune in to KTLK at 6 a.m. Monday to see how our would-be governor sounds on the airwaves.

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