Tom Emmer's former campaign chief Mark Buesgens nabbed for DWI

Mark Buesgens: Out of the ditch and into trouble.
Mark Buesgens: Out of the ditch and into trouble.

Republican state Rep. Mark Buesgens tried to drive his car out of a ditch Saturday night and steered right into a pile of trouble, both for himself and Tom Emmer's campaign for governor.

A Wright County deputy said a field sobriety test showed Buesgens had twice the legal limit allowed of booze in his system, and he was arrested for drunken driving. He also had an open bottle in the car.

Until recently, Buesgens was Emmer's campaign manager, and then a consultant.

He's now a state GOP consultant. And earlier Saturday evening he had been a featured speaker at a Wright County Republican Party function.

You'd think that all the recent headlines about Emmer's previous drunken driving record, and his son Tripp Emmer's illegal drinking, might have raised a few warning flags for the Jordan Republican.

Apparently not. And it was Emmer who made the first public statement, tsk-tsking Buesgens:

"Mark made a serious mistake in judgment. I am thankful that he did not hurt others or himself. Driving under the influence is not acceptable. Mark is a friend. He is a good man. We will help him and his family in any way possible. They are in my thoughts and prayers."

By the end of the day, Busgens had his mea culpas in order. In a statement, he said he was "very sorry and I greatly regret my actions." And he said he was planned to undergo chemical use evaluation, and start some sort of recovery program.

He's probably also trying to figure out how to explain all this to his constituents just five weeks away from Election Day.

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