Tom Emmer was for bullies before he was against them

Is this a form of bullying? Tom Emmer isn't saying.

Is this a form of bullying? Tom Emmer isn't saying.

Tom Emmer dodged a question about anti-bullying measures during today's gubernatorial debate at the Minnesota State Fair.

He also has yet to address the fact that his son posed for pictures next to a passed-out girl with a penis drawn on her face, and then posted it on Facebook.


Emmer's values came under scrutiny when a woman called in to ask whether the candidates would sign anti-bullying legislation as governor.

"I'd have to see what it looks like," Emmer said, before reminding everyone he has kids of his own.

Yet his voting record offers a more definitive answer: Emmer is pro-bully.

Last year, Emmer voted against legislation aimed at requiring schools to develop anti-bullying policies. The bill passed the House and Senate, only to be vetoed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Tom Emmer has apologized for his son's July bust for underage drinking, calling it a "serious mistake," but he has yet to rebuke the degrading drawings that once decorated his son's Facebook page.

Emmer family values?

Emmer family values?