Tom Emmer trails all Democrats in KSTP/SurveyUSA poll [UPDATED]

Updated: A shakeup is nigh in Emmer's campaign. Details after the jump.

If Tom Emmer's support from Target and other Minnesota corporations is helping him in the race for governor, it isn't showing yet. Once again, a statewide poll shows the Republican playing second fiddle to each of the three DFL candidates: Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza. And once again, IP candidate Tom Horner is bringing up the rear.

Updated: MPR is reporting a shakeup in Emmer's campaign:

A source says Tom Mason, who served as a consultant to Emmer, quit the campaign yesterday. There also appears to be more changes coming. Several sources say Emmer is looking to bring in someone to direct the campaign. The name hasn't been finalized yet but it appears the name being mentioned the most is Cullen Sheehan. Sheehan currently serves as Chief of Staff for Republicans in the Minnesota Senate.

Team Emmer's spokesman tells MinnPost that the shakeup has nothing to do with the fact that the candidate can't get out of the basement.

The latest poll was published Thursday by KSTP/Survey USA. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percent.

Expect polls like this to look different starting next Wednesday, when the primary election will whittle the DFL field to just one candidate.

Note that in the results below, undecideds make up the balance to reach 100 percent in each hypothetical race.

KSTP/SurveyUSA, Aug. 5

  • Dayton 46 percent, Emmer 32 percent, Horner 9 percent.
  • Kelliher 39 percent, Emmer 33 percent, Horner 12 percent.
  • Entenza 38 percent, Emmer 33 percent, Horner 12 percent.

Star Tribune, Aug 1:

  • Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 30 percent, Horner 13 percent.
  • Kelliher 38 percent, Emmer 29 percent, Horner 13 percent.
  • Entenza 36 percent, Emmer 31 percent, Horner 15 percent.

Fox 9/Rasmussen, July 19:

  • Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 36 percent, Horner 10 percent.
  • Kelliher 40 percent, Emmer 35 percent, Horner 11 percent.
  • Entenza 37 percent, Emmer 36 percent, Horner 12 percent.

Decision Resources, June 8:

  • Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 28 percent, Horner 18 percent.
  • Kelliher 38 percent, Emmer 28 percent, Horner 17 percent.
  • Entenza 34 percent, Emmer 27 percent, Horner 19 percent.

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