Tom Emmer supporters punk'd on Cinco de Mayo (Video)

Emmer, show us your papers
Emmer, show us your papers

When your candidate for governor proclaims Arizona's new anti-immigrant law "a wonderful first step," and you then show up at St. Paul's Cinco de Mayo celebration, it's fair to say you're asking for an argument.

Tom Emmer's supporters got just that on Sunday in St. Paul, when immigrant-rights activists marched and chanted alongside them during the event's parade.

So far, so predictable. But then along comes Robert Erickson, street-theater prankster. With a video camera rolling, he quietly and respectfully joins the Emmer procession with a placard. Then, he pulls out a handmade sign saying, "Emmer, dame tus papeles" or, "Emmer, show me your papers".

Erickson, so you, also opposes illegal immigration -- illegal European immigration.

The Emmer crowd clearly senses Ercikson's up to something. They're just not sure what. Check out the video:

Erickson, the activist behind, is turning pranks on the anti-immigrant crowd into a cottage industry.

Here, he hijacks a St. Paul rally earlier this year:

He's also staged a self-deportation effort at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Bloomington.


Here's that clip:

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