Tom Emmer reports another $150k raised, $275k cash on hand

Emmer kicking off his campaign in June.
Emmer kicking off his campaign in June.
Olivia LaVecchia

Tom Emmer has gotten national ridicule over the past two weeks, but he's also gotten money -- lots of it, his campaign announced today.

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Since Emmer announced his bid for retiring U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann's congressional seat in June, he's reported six-figure donation hauls, starting with $220,000 in just the first month of his campaign.

Today, he reported another $150,000, meaning that in four months, his campaign has raised more than $370,000 from 1,400 individual donors. Emmer for Congress has $275,000 cash on hand.

Emmer, who lost the Minnesota gubernatorial race in 2010, is one of four GOPers vying to replace Bachmann in the Sixth Congressional District. For some context on Emmer's fundraising numbers: One of those competitors, Minnesota Senator John Pederson, reports $52,000 raised in the third quarter, which bumps him up to $87,000 raised so far overall, according to the St. Cloud Times.

Maybe with all this dough, Emmer can stop signing on to questionably legal remodeling commercials.

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