Tom Emmer opposed Legacy Act before supporting it [VIDEO]

Last year, Tom Emmer was trying to repeal the Legacy Act--which dedicates sales tax to funding for parks, the outdoors and the arts. On Saturday, before a group of voting sportsmen, he said he supports it. Just remember folks -- he was against it before he was for it.

"I didn't agree on putting the tax into our Constitution," Emmer said at the Game Fair in Anoka. "That discussion is over. The one assurance I would make everybody in this room is if I'm the governor of the state, we're not going backwards, we're going forward. And you know what, you've got to make sure that these funds are being used for the original intent--we've got to make sure that those funds are going to fish and wildlife habitat. Not to dog parks in Minneapolis."

Here's the video, thanks to TheUptake:

Mark Dayton, the DFL candidate for governor, said he welcomed Emmer's change, but called it a "deathbed conversion."

"The only trouble with deatbed conversions is they seldom last if the patient recovers," Dayton said.

Fact-check: Emmer said he didn't support putting the sales tax in the Constitution. But in 2008, Emmer did sponsor a (failed) bill that would have put a sales tax into the Minnesota constitution. That bill, HF3035, would have required sales tax on fishing supplies be dedicated to game and fish programs.

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