Tom Emmer losing to all DFLers in new poll

Republican candidate for governor Tom Emmer trails all three of his potential DFL opponents -- Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza -- in a new poll released today by Decision Resources and published in the Pioneer Press.

Emmer supporters are up in arms. They say the poll is tainted by the polling firm's relationship to Independence Party candidate and former Republican Tom Horner.

Decision Resources is owned by former GOP state chair, and Horner supporter, Bill Morris, and the company has worked with Horner's Himle Horner p.r. firm in the past.

Here are the poll numbers:

Scenario No. 1: Dayton 40 percent, Emmer 28 percent, Horner 18 percent. Scenario No. 2: Kelliher 38 percent, Emmer 28 percent, Horner 17 percent. Scenario No. 3: Entenza 34 percent, Emmer 27 percent, Horner 19 percent.

On May 26, Rasmussen, the most GOP-friendly of national polling outfits, showed Emmer with a sliver-thin 2 percentage point lead in match-ups against Kelliher or Dayton, and a 3 percentage point lead against Entenza. Horner was a distant also-ran.

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