Tom Emmer doused with 2,000 pennies by protester [VIDEO]

Robert Erickson forces Tom Emmer to duck and cover
Robert Erickson forces Tom Emmer to duck and cover
Screen grab via YouTube

Immigrant rights activist Robert Erickson startled Republican candidate for governor Tom Emmer at the end of a crowded and combative forum yesterday, dumping a 2,000-penny tip on him to protest Emmer's stance of server pay and immigration. It was a theatric end to an already dramatic confrontation between the GOP candidate and restaurant servers. (Video after the jump.)

The restaurant workers were incensed by what they see as his threats to lower their wages. Emmer scheduled the confrontation at Ol' Mexico in Roseville to try and convince them he isn't the bad guy he claims he's being portrayed as by the news media.

(Team Emmer already seems to know it's a losing issue, but Emmer keeps banging away at it (press release here).

The irresistible-to-TV-news-cameras penny attack ended with Erickson being hauled outside, while Emmer tried to regain his composure with some humor.

"I played hockey for a number of years, and that actually got me to jump a little bit," Emmer said.

Here's the video, via The Uptake:

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