Tom Emmer can't get a job at Hamline

Ever since he lost the gubernatorial race last year, Tom Emmer has been having a tough time trying to land a new career.

Earlier this year, Emmer, also a lawyer and former state representative, lost a bid for Republican National Committeeman, and later took a gig as a radio jock at Fox News-affiliated KTLK-FM.

Now Emmer's calling foul on Hamline University, which he claims offered him a teaching position, but later revoked it after complaints from faculty who didn't agree with his politics.

The college disputes the claim, contesting that they never finalized an agreement.

Emmer detailed his side of the story in an email to Hamline president Linda Hanson, which was obtained and published in full by the Pioneer Press. Emmer claims that Anne McCarthy, dean of Hamline's business school, offered him an "executive in residence" position, in which he would teach a few business classes. Emmer says they even discussed salary and benefits, and the paperwork was finalized October 18.

Emmer was also hired as an adjunct faculty member in October, he says, and told he would be part of a new committee. But when he showed up for the first committee meeting on November 16, he suddenly felt like at least one other faculty member didn't approve.

Two days later, Emmer received a call from McCarthy expressing some complications over the position, according to the letter:

She wanted me to know that after the department meeting I attended, one or more of the faculty members present left the meeting and started to organize opposition to my hiring. Dean McCarthy did not get specific about the objection. She only told me the faculty or other Hamline employees involved were few in number and that the school administration was putting together a public relations strategy with their intolerant and reprehensible behavior.

According to Emmer's email, however, "intolerant and reprehensible" won the day. Though McCarthy assured him they'd have everything finalized by Thanksgiving, writes Emmer, she told him on November 23 that he wouldn't be getting the job after all:

Obviously, this was extremely disappointing to me, but I was even more disappointed by what Anne told me next...incredibly, because of my conservative political views I will not be allowed to teach business law to Hamline students.

A statement issued by the college says they were in talks with Emmer over the teaching position and executive in residency, but nothing was ever official:

"Although there were conversations over several months about the opportunity for Mr. Emmer to join the Hamline faculty, there was no finalized agreement between Mr. Emmer and the university."

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