Tom Brock tells Strib readers he's supressed those pesky gay urges

It's been more than a month now since anti-gay crusading Minneapolis pastor Tom Brock found himself on the wrong side of an undercover piece in Lavender Magazine that outed him for actually being gay. Today, he penned a column in the statews largest newspaper, owning up to his sexual preference. But according to Brock's column, being gay is actually totally cool. As long as you spend your entire life suppressing it, that is.

In the column, titled "Tom Brock: Same-sex urges needn't be acted upon," the recently back-on-the-job pastor takes a couple shots at John Townsend, the guy who went incognito to Brock's same-sex support group for Christian men and wrote a cover story about it. "Townsend had lied his way into this confidential group in order to attend and expose my presence there," writes Brock.

But come paragraph seven, Brock circles back around and forgives Townsend. The whole ordeal could be a teachable moment, says Brock, to all those confused Christian dudes out there who have yet to realize how happy they could be suppressing their sexual urges. Everyday. Forever.

Writes Brock:

I hope people will discover that there are thousands of people with unwanted same-sex attraction who have joined similar groups around the country and have found there is hope in Jesus Christ for transformation of life. In other words, there are options other than simply "giving in" to these attractions.

Before Brock's sacred mug graced the cover of Lavender, the Hope Lutheran Church pastor was a loud critic of the whole gay thing. When a tornado blew the roof off a Minneapolis church last year, he told a radio host it was God's vengeance for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America voting to allow homosexuals to serve as ministers.

The church temporarily sent Brock on a leave of absence. He recently came back to work after being ruled a 57-year-old virgin.

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